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Gel Ice or ice pack gel (Dubai) is a portable plastic bag. Which is filled with cold water or liquid gel. It is usually prepared before use so the package is first placed in the freezer. And similarly, ice or non-toxic refrigerators (mainly water) can absorb enough heat before heating above 0 ° C (32 ° F). And it is used to keep food fresh, or to keep other products cool, such as to keep goods in shipping containers from spoiling, and is also used in other minor injuries, such as muscle aches, etc. If you are looking for the best gel ice packs near me dubai. The gel Ice pack also helps keep school lunches fresh. Gives the person comfort in using it.


Also, a gel ice pack is usually a compact plastic bag filled with gel or liquid that stays cold for a few hours after being removed from the cooler. Because gel ice pack dubai is less frozen than water, it freezes slowly and remains semi-solid when using.

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How long do gel packs last?

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The performance of the ice pack delivery depends on the brand you use, the ingredients you are trying to keep cold, and the size of the cold pack. Where the shipment is delivered is also a factor. Considering the variety, most virus packages will save things from the cold for 24 to a day and a half. Also, keep in mind that contents will stay colder longer if the items are cold before packaging. Using specialized Delivery boxes and insulated container inserts can also ensure. That your cold packs are kept at a suitable temperature throughout the shipping process.

Let's take a look at its features:

  • These gel packs are packed with a high-strength polymeric compound that is clean, non-toxic, safe, and environmentally friendly.
  • The powder inside the bag absorbs water quickly and turns into a gel with some elasticity and is also used as a refrigerator.
  • The water inlet is designed with a self-sealing structure so that the gel does not leak.

  • Easy to carry, easy to use, reusable, not easy to damage, complete, beautiful, and quite practical.
  • It is commonly used in coolers to keep food fresh, or as a cold pack to reduce minor wound pain, or in insulated shipping containers to keep produce cool during transit.
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How to use it for self-treat?

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Try to use the gel ice pack only on external skin. This is a great way to reduce swelling or relax the cut. Apply it to the affected area 3-4 times a day, then rub it in gently and thoroughly. The gel ice pack should be shaken before use.

Don’t worry if you see that your child has eaten some gel. Keep the product away from the baby and wipe their face with a soft damp cloth. You can give them a little water to drink to taste out of their mouths. Do not try to induce vomiting.

How to use in Shipping?

The gel pack in our factory is made from the refrigerator, thermoplastic material. And our gel ice packs are shipped worldwide to cool a variety of items around the world, including Dubai. They are specially designed with leak-proof plastic and they are also light in weight and durable.


If you want to buy gel packs for pharmaceuticals and gel ice packs near me, gel ice pack dubai restaurants, pubs, clubs, or other necessities, you can easily buy them from us. You can use them to cool any sensitive items.

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(1) Open the water inlet of the gel pack and add a little water according to your needs. Exhale the excess air into the gel pack and then apply a slight pinch to close.

(2) After a few seconds, the energy and water react and turn into a gel. The gel will not come out of the water, but do not squeeze, press, or come into contact with sharp objects. Refrigerate this product for 4 to 5 hours until frozen into a lump, then remove to use.

(3) During use, the gel packs will gradually thaw and eventually regain their gel form, and you can put them back in the refrigerator to use next time.

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